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AI Diagnostics for Skin, Hair & Wellbeing

Developed by leading dermatologists and bioengineers to assess skin and hair health.

We are the leading AI powered skin and hair diagnostic tool for brands and retailers. 

IQONIC.AI skin analysis

Your Benefits

Grow your conversion rate by 100%.

Growing conversion rate

1.5x increase in average basket size.

Increasing basket size

Improve engagement and build loyalty.

Improved engagement

Our Happy Clients

Skincare - Skin Diagnostics

Every skin is individual and needs a care routine that is tailored to it. We create the basis for this by determining your skin type: oily, dry, normal or combination skin.

IQONIC.AI skin type analysis
Skin Type

Habits such as insufficient sun protection, inappropriate skin care or smoking cigarettes can lead to premature skin aging. We can assess the visual signs of aging.

IQONIC.AI skin age analysis
Skin Age

Our free and uncomplicated mobile skin check supports the detection of skin indications and helps to find the appropriate, individual treatment. Support the health of your customers!

IQONIC.AI skin health check
Skin Health

Haircare - Hair Analysis

The hair type is the basis for choosing the right care and styling methods. Hair needs to be treated differently depending on its gloss, oiliness or brittleness.

IQONIC.AI hair type analysis
Hair Type

Finding the right hair colour requires a deep understanding. Our analysis examines natural colour tones and helps to find the perfect hair colour that enhances your unique style.

IQONIC.AI hair color analysis
Hair Color

Make-Up – Skin Color Analysis

To find the right makeup, the skin tone is very important. Thanks to our AI-based analysis, there is no need for a product tester. Individual skin tones and products can be matched online.

IQONIC.AI skin tone analysis
Skin Tone

Supplements – Skin and Hair Analysis

Dry skin, hair loss and brittle nails can be signs of vitamin deficiency. Our solution is designed to help users identify and actively address their nutritional deficiencies.

IQONIC.AI nutrition tracker

Success Stories of our Customers

Learn how our innovative AI technology helps businesses

achieve immediate ROI results.



Our partner Volopharm implemented our AI analysis on their website to qualify customers and thus achieved a 96% going through rate.

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What Experts Think About Us

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"In a digitalized world, it is important for beauty brands to create a unique experience tailored to the personal needs of their customers.

IQONIC.AI enables us to reach new audiences and build strong brand loyalty through an innovative approach. In the process, live market data helps to develop the product range in a future-proof way, based on the real needs of customers".

Michael Schummert

14+ years CEO Babor

Michael Schummert
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