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AI-based Skin & Hair Analysis Software

Our AI-powered skin and hair analysis software offers a fully customizable white-label solution for brands, retailers, and institutes. Developed as a B2B SaaS solution, it enables businesses to provide tailored analyses and personalized customer interactions.

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All channels + in store, online, mobile

customer journey

individual recommendations tailored to your analysis

AI Analysis Tool

Our AI software for skin and hair diagnostics, developed with dermatologists, uses our proprietary technology to provide customized solutions. Designed to  help with recommending products, routines, and services based on the individual needs of your customers. 


All algorithmens
are GDPR conform


Integration of all available APIs

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Use Case

Learn from the following example use case how our AI software is utilized. This use case will help you easily understand and optimally leverage the functions and benefits of our technology.


Scan Your Face

Use your smartphone camera to scan your face multiple times to capture different angles.


AI Analysis

Our AI-powered software will analyze your

skin & hair.


Personalized Results

View your customized results, tailored for

different brands and customer needs.


Individual Recommendations

Based on your results, get product, treatment

or customized recommendations.

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Enhancing Customer Experience and Business Efficiency with AI-Driven Personalization

The integration of AI enhances customer understanding, increases efficiency, and maximizes revenue. Our AI-based skin and hair analyses enable brands and retailers to offer tailored solutions that meet individual customer needs. This technology adapts products to customer preferences and analyzes large data sets to foster a deep understanding of your customer.

Conversion Rate

Accurate recommendations increase conversion rates by 10-25%


Get deeper insights into customer behavior and preferences

Customer Satisfaction

Tailored experiences boost satisfaction & loyalty by up to 30%

Cart Abandonment

Individual recommendations reduce cart abandonment rates by up to 35%

User Experience

Personalized experiences increase satisfaction & website visit duration.

Scalable personalization

Automated processes provide tailored experiences for  customers simultaneously


Personalized shopping experiences reduce return rates by 10-15%


Marketing efficiency can increase by up to 15% with targeted strategie

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Stories of our Customers

Our satisfied customers share their positive experiences and the specific improvements they've achieved thanks to our technology. Be inspired by their success stories and discover how your company can benefit from our advanced AI software.



Our partner Volopharm implemented our AI analysis on their website to qualify customers and thus achieved a 96% going through rate.

Partner in Cream



Our AI solution enabled Partner in Cream to provide their customers with the personalized products they need.

What Experts Think

Michael Schummert
Michael Schummert

14+ years CEO Babor

In a digitalized world, it is important for beauty brands to create a unique experience tailored to the personal needs of their customers. IQONIC.AI enables us to reach new audiences and build strong brand loyalty through an innovative approach. In the process, live market data helps to develop the product range in a future-proof way, based on the real needs of customers.
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