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Online Skin Analysis with AI

Analyze your skin condition comfortably from home. Our advanced technology quickly provides valuable insights for an overall better understanding of your skin health. Start your free skin analysis now and optimize your skincare routine!

Skin Analysis
Skin Analysis
Hintergrund Element
Hintergrund Element

Online Skin Analysis: 
Step by Step

Using multiple camera images, scans from different angles are created. Embedded questions capture user data. An AI algorithm analyzes the scan data to provide the user with valuable insights into their skin health.

Preparation done
AI Parameter


Step: Preparation 

The user takes a selfie, ensuring balanced lighting, no glasses, and no make-up for an accurate skin assessment. Multiple scans from different angles capture comprehensive skin details, enabling a detailed analysis of the skin condition.


Step: Scan

Our AI analyzes six factors: wrinkles, puffy eyes, skin age, skin tone, skin irritation, and skin type, to provide a comprehensive understanding of your skin’s health. This helps you achieve optimal skincare with tailored insights and advice.

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Step: Questions

To gain valuable insights into the needs and desires of your users, it is important to ask targeted questions. A question screen can help to learn more about your users, gather their insights, and obtain data on their individual wishes and needs.


Step: Results

The scan provides detailed insights into your skin condition, identifies specific skin damage, and analyzes the overall state of your skin. These insights enable targeted measures to improve skin health and address individual care needs.

Results Info
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Try your Free Skin Analysis

Gain a better understanding and knowledge of your skin.

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