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5 Facts About AI

Nowadays, everyone talks about AI, but few really understand it. However, in a world where AI is becoming increasingly present, it is crucial to have a solid understanding of this technology. AI is no longer an abstract concept, but a force that is revolutionizing the way we live and work. In the coming years, it is expected to change almost every aspect of our lives. That's why today we're sharing 5 facts about AI that you probably didn't know yet!

5 facts you didn't know about AI

  1. Think AI is just a modern trend? As early as 1943, an attempt was made to model the artificial neuron, thus launching the first initiative towards artificial intelligence. The term was then coined in 1956 at a conference of computer scientists at Dartmouth College in New Hampshire. 

  2. 59 zettabytes is the amount of data that has already been used worldwide as the basis for artificial intelligence by 2020. One zettabyte has a data volume of 66 billion Blue-rays – or 33 million human brains.

  3. The biggest AI fail so far? The chatbot Tai offended numerous users on Twitter. The reason for that? So-called unsupervised / reinforcement learning. Conflicts, negative comments or racist comments submitted by users were reproduced by the chatbot. As a result, the tool, which Microsoft had invested millions in, was switched off again.

  4. In 2018, various artists collaborated with an AI to create a painting that was auctioned for 432,000 US dollars. This is not the only masterpiece in which AI was involved: Beethoven's "unfinished" 10th Symphony could be completed in 2021 - almost 200 years later - thanks to artificial intelligence.

  5. By 2025, around 85 million jobs will be lost worldwide due to AI! However, around 97 million new jobs will be created based on the changed requirements brought about by AI. Time to adapt to the new circumstances!

So far, 88% of all companies are still not using artificial intelligence – even though AI has been proven to help increase efficiency and sales as well as speed up processes. Is your company already using AI? If not, check out our website to see how you can use AI to optimize your sales and customer satisfaction!

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