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Accelerating around the World: Our Experience with the German Accelerator

Since 2012, the German Accelerator has supported German startups with their international expansion. Our company has already taken part several times in their programs and it has always been an amazing opportunity for us!

IQONIC.AI and the German Accelerator
Iconic moments with the German Accelerator

What’s behind the "German Accelerator"?

The German Accelerator is a program that takes high-potential companies on a fast-paced learning journey to understand, discover, and access the world’s leading innovation centers in the U.S., Asia and South America. Through customized programs, mentoring by local experts and access to a network of business partners and investors, start-ups are supported in all phases and sectors on their way to international success. Since its launch in 2012, German Accelerator has encouraged more than 850 start-ups that have raised more than 15.6 billion dollars in funding to date. German Accelerator is operated by Start2 Group and financed by the German Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Climate Action (BMWK).

Our Experience with the Programs

Our Company has participated in the programs many times: South Korea, India, New York and San Francisco, as well as the Master Accelerator (now: Start2raise) by Start2 Group. In 2023, we also had the chance to pitch in China anf Singapore at German Accelerator events.

In a few of the programs we joined, we were only able to take part remotely, but the on site events were particularly worthwhile! You get the chance to meet mentors directly, benefit from their knowledge and network with other startup founders. By being part of it yourself, you understand how the local economy works, how big and progressive the market is and whether there are competitors. Especially on site you get the cultural exchange and learn to understand a culture in the context of its market. The insights we were able to gather were, for example, that there is a high sensitivity to beauty in Korea and that people there make regular use of dermatological care or also that China has a big lead over Germany in the beauty industry, but not when it comes to AI in the sector.

Our most valuable Learnings

  1. Go the extra mile! — The program gives you a good base, but you have to build something on it yourself.

  2. Other cultures and ecosystems often show you a lot about your home market, too.

  3. A trustable and reliable international network is the key to success.

The GA programs help to experience a real cultural exchange from a business perspective. Unlike other accelerator programs, the mentors stay on after the program. And you can only build a company successfully with a functioning stakeholder network! After all, you can always use the knowledge and the network that you build up there for future companies or challenges. Therefore, we recommend every founder to take this step and participate in one of the programs – and maybe we'll meet there!

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