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Beauty Innovation in Action at the Beauty Innovation Press Day in Hamburg

A day full of creativity and inspiration - that's a perfectly fitting description of our visit to the Beauty Innovation Press Day in Hamburg. Together with our partner Fit & Alive Cosmetics, we had the privilege of presenting our AI solution together with seven other outstanding companies and their innovative products. 

The event took place in a unique, intimate setting that allowed for one-on-one conversations and deeper insights into the world of beauty innovation. We were not only excited to present our own ideas and solutions, but also to get to know the fascinating products and approaches of our co-exhibitors. We were really impressed by the variety and creativity of the concepts presented. Here are some of them: 

The Power of Vitamin C Infusions

More and more people are turning to vitamin infusions. DripDrip’s IV Therapy Bar enhances well-being with its customized vitamin infusions. Its IV Drip Therapy offers a personalized blend of water-soluble vitamins, minerals and electrolytes directly into the bloodstream and is designed to enrich the body with the missing nutrients in a targeted manner. A new kind of health care and also very good for the skin. We are fans!

Community Feeling Meets 'Mirror Mirror on the Wall'

SWAN is another inspiring company, which is founded by CEO Juan Carlos Nevado. They launched a genuine beauty innovation with their smart mirror and interactive app. Their concept combines high-quality beauty content with smart technologies and creates an interactive community for beauty enthusiasts. The technology allows users to discover beauty videos, follow tutorials or even become content creators themselves directly on their mirror. We are looking forward to all the future developments of SWAN and their exciting new applications that will be coming up. 

Beauty to Drink

Proceanis is redefining skincare with their collagen-rich drink. The drink contains premium collagen from wild cod, combined with elastin and silicon as well as vitamin-rich extracts and essential minerals. It has been proven by several studies: “Oral intake of liquid marine collagen peptides can slow down or even reverse the age-related, degenerative processes in the skin's cell metabolism”, and Proceanis is backing up these claims. 

The Beauty Innovation Press Day was not only an opportunity to present our technology solutions to a wider audience, but also an important step towards a more dynamic and innovative beauty industry. As part of this inspiring event and the interesting exchange with other up-and-coming companies, we are motivated to actively shape the future of the industry!

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