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Brandenburg – The Next AI Hotspot?

IQONIC.AI at the TGW Brandenburg Meeting

Representatives of business development and incubation centers from all over Brandenburg met yesterday in Cottbus at the TGW Technologie- und Gründerzentren und Wirtschaftsförderungen Brandenburg e.V. meeting at Startblock B2 with the focus on AI. The goal of the meeting was to gain a better understanding of artificial intelligence and to explore future visions. The central question: How can the field of AI work in Brandenburg in the future?

At the TGW event, the participants had the opportunity to discuss the many potential applications of artificial intelligence for business development organizations and companies. In addition to interesting keynotes and presentations, the agenda also included a visit to the Mittelstand-Digital Zentrum Spreeland on the campus of the Brandenburg University of Technology Cottbus-Senftenberg. Our founder Maria Bruckert, herself a BTU alumna, had the opportunity to bring the topic to life: from theory to practice. She was able to provide interesting insights into the opportunities of AI, the challenges AI companies are facing, and what needs to be done specifically to promote the technology.

Why should innovative start-ups join the TGW?

TGW supports and accompanies the establishment of companies, especially companies and founders from the technology sector. It provides information on funding opportunities and assists companies and investors in their search for suitable areas for expansion and new settlements. Above all, TGW is a helpful network for start-ups and companies. The members of TGW Brandenburg have contacts and information to authorities, companies, scientific institutions and financial institutions in their region and make this network available. The members of TGW Brandenburg organize information and qualification events in their region and promote the transfer of knowledge between research and industry.

The vision of this years TGW Meeting was clear: an AI competence center is to be established in the region. We look forward to contributing and being part of its formation with IQONIC.AI

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