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Digitization Meets Personalization: How Technology Boosts Beauty Sales

Digitization and personalization are two of the biggest topics currently impacting beauty brands. Every brand can exploit the benefits of digitization for customer loyalty and sales processes — and thereby enhance personalization, too. However, small and mid-sized brands often think that only the big players can deal with these issues - the question is how to invest the necessary resources...

But let’s start from the beginning:

Beauty meets tech — is that really necessary?

Nowadays, almost our entire life is digitized. Can’t we at least leave the skin care routine out of that? Well, first of all, it’s not about making this self-care timeout digital — but the shopping experience beforehand. Futhermore, digitization lets you as a brand create a special customer experience. It not only allows you to keep up with competitors, but even stand out from them. But that’s not all: thanks to the use of technology, customers don’t have to spend a lot of time trying out your products to find the right one. Instead, they are instantly pointed to the product that solves their problem. This increases satisfaction and thus brand loyalty. A different approach to personalization.

Personalization through technology

Especially for brands that have already built up a wide product range, the right products for everyone are already there — you just have to find them! Whether it’s make-up, skin care or hair care, all of these can be matched with the individual needs of the customer. This is where algorithms come into play. The field of application of the particular product— e.g., a shampoo for thin hair, a foundation for a certain skin tone, or a cream against impurities — is matched with the personal characteristics of the customers — e.g., thin hair, olive complexion, or oily skin. This requires only a brief analysis by means of a photo and a few questions.

How to integrate this into your shop

The good news is: integrating AI scans into your store doesn’t require an immense amount of resources. After all, if the products are there, it’s not that difficult to implement such a solution with the help of tech companies. We at IQONIC.AI have developed comprehensive machine learning algorithms to realize AI powered skin and hair analyzes (and much more) — and offer it to you as a beauty brand!

So you no longer have to worry about how to implement digitization and personalization with your own resources — but only about how to provide so many satisfied customers with your products.

Interested? Don’t wait any longer to get in touch with us!

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