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Maximum Performance, No Compromises: Welcome Maurice K Beauty!

Updated: 3 days ago

Elegant design with innovative anti-aging care, luxurious formulas and the best active ingredients, free from critical or controversial ingredients – that's what Maurice K Beauty stands for: clean beauty made in Germany. The Hessian label now relies on IQONIC.AI to bring its innovative formulations to consumers in an even more innovative way.

Now available at Maurice K Beauty: IQONIC.AI skin analysis
Now available at Maurice K Beauty: IQONIC.AI skin analysis

Through this collaboration, Maurice K Beauty aims to provide their customers with quick and uncomplicated advice to help them find the right facial care for their individual skin needs. They place particular emphasis on precision, simplicity and individuality.

All this is made possible by our AI skin analysis: The IQONIC.AI tool enables Maurice K Beauty to directly identify customer needs and match them with the perfect product in seconds, drastically reducing bounce rates and quickly capturing interest. Personalized recommendations lead to larger purchases. Tailored recommendations also significantly increase the likelihood of purchase, improving conversion rates, customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Maurice K Beauty was founded in 2021 by Maurice Klapp. Cosmetics have been part of his life since childhood. He worked in the industry from an early age and was managing director of one of the largest professional cosmetics companies in Germany for many years. Maurice has traveled to almost every continent and learned almost everything there is to know about cosmetics at trade shows, in remote villages and from local beauty experts.

His own skincare line is the result of careful research, his expertise and is based on high quality ingredients. The company's vision is to appeal to women of all ages with professional products that look modern and add a touch of luxury to any beauty routine.

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