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"Persofluencing": Happy Customers through Personalized Influencer Marketing

In today's rapidly evolving beauty market, personalized customer experiences are not only preferred, but they are expected. That does not only count for the shopping experience itself – personalization is needed in every step of the customer journey, also in marketing.

Personalized Influencer Marketing Persofluencing
Persofluencing: From Product Recommendations to full Personalization.

Persofluencing – Personalized Influencer Marketing

Instead of generic product recommendations that may suit the influencer, but certainly not each individual follower, persofluencing takes influencer marketing to a new level.

AI tools are integrated into the content to enable the influencer to showcase the products that they love – and at the same time enable the end customer to find the right products from the brands' range that meet their individual needs.

2,000 % increase in traffic through persofluencing

Does it really work?

We were able to prove the concept of "persofluencing" with an Instagram reel from our client Fit & Alive Cosmetics. Fit & Alive has been using our AI skin analysis in their online store for several months. The reel of Fit & Alive founder and influencer Eylül Öztürk Özkan led to a massive increase in traffic to the scan on their website – and therefore also to the online store. In the video, Eylül shows how she performs the scan on the Fit & Alive website and gets personalized products recommendations for her skin. Through this video, we reached an amazing increase in traffic of almost 2,000 % compared to an average month.

We are sure that the potential of persofluencing is huge and has many more great results to offer. Are you ready to try personalized influencer marketing with your brand?

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