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Natural Cosmetics Meets Artificial Intelligence: IQONIC.AI at the VIVANESS 2024

This week, we had the pleasure of closing the first day of VIVANESS 2024 with our workshop "How AI is transforming the natural cosmetics industry". At the international trade fair for natural cosmetics, we were delighted to see so much encouragement and interest from the numerous participants. This shows us that this industry is also ready for new innovations and future prospects.

What is VIVANESS about?

In combination with BIOFACH, the world's leading trade fair for organic food, VIVANESS is an important event for future market issues of the natural cosmetics industry and serves both as a meeting point and for positioning. As an annual platform, it offers the opportunity for personal exchange between partners and suppliers as well as for acquiring new customers. Brands can present their products and position themselves against the competition. The VIVANESS Congress also brings together representatives from politics, associations and other public players to provide comprehensive information about the natural cosmetics industry. 

How AI is transforming the natural cosmetics industry

In our workshop, we provided insights into how AI solutions can be developed and used in the natural cosmetics industry in a targeted and strategic manner. First, it is important to understand that AI is based on data, with which it must first be equipped. Using this data, the AI can find results.

  • The process starts with defining the challenges to be solved. For example: how can mispurchases and product waste be avoided?

  • The next step is to think about the requirements for a solution to this specific problem, such as: What would the perfect solution have to look like so that cosmetic products are suitable for everyone?

  • Afterwards, it is time to consider what data is required to develop this solution, for example customer data such as age and skin type or ingredients such as allergens and raw materials. Is there a legal framework and security for obtaining this data?

  • Then we need to look at where this solution can be used effectively. For example, should it be integrated into the online store or the blog?

AI should never be used just for the sake of having AI. AI should always be used for specific use cases and only when the necessary data is available. But with this data, AI can improve sustainability in the cosmetics industry in many ways: by developing more efficient formulations that are better tailored to consumers' individual needs, or by optimizing resource consumption in production to minimize energy and material losses.

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